Our Summer Menu

We do not stay put. We keep moving and creating new flavors and new dishes. We are happy to present all that we have created for the best summer in FiftyGastro. Have a taste!

Here is a small sample of our new dishes:

_Mayo salad with fish,boiled veggies and fresh herbs _Potato salad with mustard,spring onion and fresh herbs
_Iceberg salad with mango,salami,graviera cheese and dressing _Salad with fresh beans, tomatoes,cucumber,olives,caper,olive oil,feta cheese _Grilled cheese with lime and tomato jam _Shrimps with tomato sauce, feta cheese and grilled bread _Potatoes with red pepper ketchup _Chicken with peanut butter and fresh herbs _Pork with melon jam,mustard and rosemary _Traditional beef saucage ragout with green peppers and ‘’traxana’’ _Beef liver with caramelized onion,white whine and mustard

Bon Appetit!